The Principia Space Diary is back!

The Principia Mission Space Diary is an interactive, empowering STEM-Literacy programme that allows children to learn about space, strengthen their literacy skills and much more, while following ESA Astronaut Tim Peake’s incredible space mission. Over 60,000 British schoolchildren created their own space diaries in 2016 and now we are offering a brand new programme for future generations to get inspired!

tim peake space diary

Fun • Accessible • Creative • Empowering

Over 500 inspired teachers and counting!

“Thank you for a truly inspirational programme which really brought space to life for my KS1 class.”

“We were very late to sign up but I have nothing but praise for the quality of the learning materials and the email support offered. My class was very sad that it has come to an end but at the same time knowing what Tim has achieved has been very powerful for them. He is a brilliant role model for all children.”

“It was fantastic, thank you so much! I was involved in linking schools STEM training this year and the diaries were great evidence for how to link science and writing. Many teachers in other schools were envious of the books.”

“I would rate this very highly in relation to other STEM resources. The format is more accessible, the drawings are interesting. Putting their photograph on the front makes it theirs, gives it ownership.”

Space lessons from a team of experts!

Participating schools will have access to the Principia Mission Space Diary for students. The diary is filled with challenges and activities to empower our young space apprentices, written and developed by Lucy Hawking and Curved House Kids, with contributions from the UK Space Agency, Dr Sheila Kanani, Professor Stephen Hawking, Professor Peter McOwan, astronaut Helen Sharman and many more amazing space experts!


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Empowering 60,000 kids and counting!

In 2015-16, over 60,000 British school children in 1500 schools registered to receive the Principia Space Diary. Some schools were lucky enough to get printed copies while others downloaded and printed the free resources from the Space Diary website. Visit our mission feed to see what these amazing students got up to!

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