Meet the Team

The Principia Space Diary is a free resource for primary schools that allows children to make their own book as they follow Tim Peake’s mission to ISS. Written and developed by author Lucy Hawking and publisher Kristen Harrison, and with guidance and contributions from Professor Peter McOwan and other experts, the diary comprises a series of exercises, activities and challenges that get children engaged with STEM subjects, literacy learning and researching scientific information. Illustrator extraordinaire Ben Hawkes brings the book to life with fantastic illustrations.

The diary will provide a unique framework for schools to document their Principia activities, and we welcome all schools to sign up to receive up to 60 copies for up to 2 classes.

Places are limited to 500 schools so get in quick to secure your Principia Space Diary!

All teaching materials are aimed at Y3-4 with differentiation materials to adapt the content for Y1-2 and Y5.

Thank You to Our Partners

We are extremely grateful for the support of the UK Space Agency, without who the Space Diary would not be possible, and for additional support from the European Space Agency and Professor Peter McOwan at Queen Mary University of London.

Lucy Hawking is the author of 5 books for 8-11 (George’s Adventure Series) as well as the Principia Space Diary


Developed and published by Kristen Harrison at Curved House Kids Ltd with the support of the UK Space Agency.

Written by Lucy Hawking, with Kristen Harrison and Professor Peter McOwan

Illustrated by Ben Hawkes

Designed by Angelique Hering (book), Kristi Korotash (book), Dario Ferrando (website) and Pete Lewis (website), Alice Connew (teaching materials)

Project manager: Lucie Stevens

Digital manager: Alice Connew

Teaching materials have been prepared by Kristen Harrison, Heather MacRae (who also runs the Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut programme) and Lucie Stevens and for the second edition they have been revised and updated by our wonderful team of teachers (thank you teachers!):

Paul Cameron
Hannah Chivers
Laura Cowan
Ceri DeRoy-Jones
Liz Grant, Claire Loizos
Sean Monaghan
Nicola Sivier