Home Educator Pack



This pack is specially designed for students being educated at home and contains both the Space Diary and welcome pack:

  • 1 Principia Space Diary
  • 1 welcome letter from the Space Diary HQ
  • 1 set of mission badge stickers to reward children as they finish each chapter
  • 1 mission log poster for children to record their progress
  • Free shipping to an address anywhere in the UK

Home Educators are encouraged to use the planner and teaching materials on the website to develop lessons plans and extension activities with your students.

The Principia Space Diary is a 64-page activity book for primary school children. It allows students to document what they learn and discover as they follow British ESA Astronaut Tim Peake’s mission to the International Space Station. Student will read, write, draw, experiment, code and decode and much more.

The book also contains unique “Zap” codes that allow children (and their teachers, parents and friends!) to access extra content through smartphones and tablets.

“Now that I’m back safely on Earth, I look forward to seeing what this new corps of Space Apprentices do with their new Space Diaries.” – ESA Astronaut Tim Peake