Mars Diary



Potential signs of life have been detected on Mars and we need some brave Space Explorers to help us investigate! But don’t worry – you won’t be alone. With the help of your crew and robotic friends, your mission could change the course of human history…

Take your KS2 (or equivalent) student on a mission to the Red Planet with this STEM-literacy programme. This 64-page book contains over 60 hours of activities and is fully supported by a web-portal which houses teaching notes, curriculum guides for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, ideas of differentiation, extension activities, lesson plan templates and more.┬áIt also includes ‘Zap’ codes that give students access to additional digital content, as they read, write, design, draw, experiment, code and decode their way through their mission.

The sequel to Space Diary, the Mars Diary engages students in science by learning about real-life STEM projects that are exploring ways to get humans to Mars. Single copies – which include Mission Badge stickers to reward students as they complete each chapter – are perfect to add to class packs if your have more than 30 students, or as a teacher reference copy. If you are purchasing a copy for a single child, we recommend our Home Educator Pack.

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